Screw Conveyor

SCREW CONVEYOR is a device having conveyor system to transport materials from one location to another. The system consists of revolving shafts which operate on power.

In a screw conveyor, the conveyor screw is arranged in a casing where there is at least one support fastened to the casing between the ends of the conveyor screw. The conveyor screw is mounted in the support via a bearing that is sealed.

Included in the seal there are two sealing devices which are unrotatably but axially displaceably mounted on the screw shaft, and which are urged axially from opposite direction to press with a respective sealing portion against a corresponding sealing portion on the support. The sealing portions are situated radially outside the bearing. Each sealing deviceat its ends facing away from the support engages against a sealing element, which in turn connects to the screw shaft.